Friday, February 24, 2006

Every Shoulder Needs One

How's this for job-related braggadocio?

A couple of days ago, a quick jaunt to the office kitchen to replenish my coffee lead to a chance encounter w/ one of the bigwigs, who paid me what may have been the greatest compliment to my efforts here at work. What follows is a near-verbatim account:

Producer: "So I hear you may be training to do some work on the weekend show."
Me: "Yeah, after sweeps I going to shadow a couple of people."
P: "That's great. Are you excited?"
M (fairly ass-kissy): "Yeah, I'm excited to learn anything new around here."
P: "Yeah, your job is kinda the Armpit around here."

M (stirring coffee): " . . . "
P: "I mean, with the logging & monotony & whatnot"

And with that, the Coworker exited the kitchen leaving me staring into the empty abyss of my coffee mug.

Now, in Coworker's defense, I know it wasn't intended to be an insult, but I'd like to know how one is expected to react when you're told your position amounts to a swampy, undesirable body part. Seriously, I'd like to know; feel free to comment. Is that how we're perceived by the higher-ups? Is this their true color? "Give it to the armpits, they'll do anything." And I'd like to point out that I was promoted recently . . . prior to this casual conference. If I'm the Armpit now, what the hell was I 2 months ago?


Blogger MB said...

just try to think about how close to the heart the armpit really is.

10:41 AM  
Blogger GMadrid said...

Hey I was NextBlogging and I ran into your site. Very fun. I work in Residence Life at a college and I understand the armpit comment. At least you've got opportunities to learn something new.

10:41 AM  

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