Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tiny Dancer

I went to Coachella this weekend, and for those of you unfamiliar, it's an annual 2 day art & music festival held in the middle of the desert. Seeing as how the lineup is pretty eclectic & eccentric (although less so this year with the inclusion of Kanye West & Madonna. Eclectic, sure, but appealing to a more accessible fan base), the festival goers can be somewhat out-there, falling just short of Burning Man in terms of widespread weirdness. But in a place where everyone is vying to be individual, some going to desperate lengths, there is little to be found at Coachella that's really all that shocking. You find yourself walking around mentally ticking off items on the standard peculiarities checklist.

Even with all the off-beat sculptures, interactive displays & Goths eating corn on the cob, nothing could have prepared me for what would prove to be the most surreal sighting of the weekend.

Standing just in front of me on the periphery of the dance tent was none other than Danny Devito.

Did I say 'standing'? No, Devito was full-on undulating to the incessant beat of techno.

Who knew that Louie De Palma had dreams of breaking out of that cage, leaving the deadbeats at the Sunshine Cab Company behind to lose himself in the music?
"Taxi" will never be the same.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Danny appears to be very diverse with his interest in music..besides hanging out in dance tents..he also introduced a rock band @ Coachella called Eagles of Death Metal.
Rock on Danny Devito!!

2:13 PM  

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